Designing for Measurable Security (FA9550-12-1-0162)

Instrumentation grant from AFOSR (FA 99500910389).

AFOSR MURI Contract: "MURI: Autonomic Recovery of Enterprise-wide Systems" (GMU 107151AA)

DHS, SPAWAR Contract (No. N66001-09-c-0080)

DARPA Contract, CRASH Program, SPARCHS (FA8750-10-2-0253)

DARPA ADAMS Program, Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales (No. W911NF-11-1-0140)

DARPA MRC Program, Mission-oriented Resilient Clouds (No. DARPA-BAA-11-55)

National Science Foundation, "Measuring the Security Posture of Large Financial Enterprises: An EAGER Proposal to NSF CCF" (CCF Grant 0950373)

IARPA, STONESOUP Program, "MINESTRONE" (ONR Contract No. FA8650-10-c-7024)