Salvatore J. Stolfo Faculty
Salvatore J. Stolfo is Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. from NYU Courant Institute in 1979 and has been on the faculty of Columbia ever since. He has published extensively in the areas of parallel computing, AI Knowledge-based systems, Data Mining and most recently Computer Security and Intrusion Detection Systems. His research has been supported by DARPA, NSF, ONR, and numerous companies and state and federal agencies.
Ang Cui PhD student
Ang Cui is a PhD Student. His research is currently focus is on embedded devices such as home and corporate routers and cell phones. He is the primary inventor of a novel host-based defense mechanism known as Symbiotic Embedded Machines. SEMs are designed specifically to retrofit black-box, vulnerable legacy embedded systems with sophisticated anti-exploitation mechanisms. Over the past 3 years, Ang has been actively quantifying the extent of the embedded threat in real-world environments, developing novel exploitation techniques for embedded systems such as enterprise networking equipment and developing practical defenses for embedded systems which constitutes our global communication substrate. His current projects include: Symbiotic Embedded Machines and Vulnerable Embedded Device Scan.
Nathaniel Boggs PhD student
Nathaniel Boggs is a PhD Student who joined the lab in Fall 2009. Nathaniel is currently researching new computer security metrics and anomaly detection systems.
Jill Jermyn PhD student
Jill Jermyn is pursuing a Ph.D. at Columbia University, where she works in the Intrusion Detection Systems Lab. Currently she is working on preventing insider attacks through the DARPA ADAMS project. Her primary interests lie in the areas of mobile and cloud intrusion detection. Before becoming interested in computing, she spent her life as a concert violinist.
Yuan Kang PhD student
Yuan Kang is a first year PhD student. He is currently working on the Symbiotic Embedded Machines and Vulnerable Embedded Device Scan projects.
David Tagatac PhD student
David is a PhD student. He is currently investigating the effects of synchronization scheduling on multithreaded program security. His other interests include system-level security and program correctness.
Adrian Tang PhD student
Adrian is a PhD student who joined the IDS Lab in Fall 2012. His interests include vulnerability research, malware analysis and detection. He is currently researching in hardware-oriented techniques to detect malware attacks.